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IGNOU MBA Project Course (MMPP 1) is one of the most essential MBA courses. This IGNOU MBA Project carries 8 credits (equivalent to two courses). IGNOU MBA Project Course (MMPP-001) is classified as a single course for registration reasons. No further study materials are supplied for this course.

This IGNOU MBA Project course is designed to assist students acquire the capacity to utilise multidisciplinary ideas, tools, and methodologies in order to analyse and rationally address organisational challenges. Students are also exposed to industrial settings and the organisational environment in this subject. The IGNOU MBA Project study should focus on a subject from your MBA specialisation, if possible.

Types of IGNOU MBA Projects

  • Field study Project Proposal (Synopsis) – The IGNOU MBA synopsis has to include all of the essential details, which include the goals of the study, the instruments that will be used, the research technique that will be employed for the project and the subject that will be written about, objective rational observation, and sampling.
  • Inter-organizational Study— Verify the narrative, doing inter-organizational research, and improving management are all examples of the sorts of initiatives that fall under this category.
  • Case Study (Comprehensive)– This section covers specific organisational issues, analyses, problem areas, and malfunctions, as well as

Basic Guidance for IGNOU MBA Project work

  • The length of the IGNOU MBA Report should be between 50 and 60 typed pages with double spacing and no more than 18,000 words. Tolerable range of variation: 10%
  • Each report has to outline the study methodology as well as the direction of future research.
    In addition to that, it should include the proposal for the project as well as a certificate of originality (jointly signed by the student and the supervisor)
  • Following the submission of the written report to the Registrar (SR & ED) at IGNOU, a P.R. number will be assigned to the report and will be sent to the student.
  • Any time throughout the year is acceptable to hand in the report on the project. If it is necessary, the evaluator may request that a student appear before them for a viva-voce examination.
  • When it comes to turning in the project report, the following considerations are important:
    Send just one copy, and make sure the student keeps a duplicate for themselves.
  • It is essential that “MMPP-1” be written in a clear and legible font on the envelope that is addressed to the coordinator.
  • The report should be double-spaced throughout and bound as a book. It should be an A4-sized paper.
    In addition to that, the biographical information of the supervisor has to be included in the report that is being provided for the project.

Formation of IGNOU MBA Project

The following should serve as the framework for the project:

• The title of your project in its entirety.

• A compelling introduction to the subject that was selected.

• The purpose of the research

• The significance of the investigation

• The breadth of the investigation of the subject at hand.

• A description of the issue at hand

• Objectives

• A working hypothesis for the subject

• The technique of research that you choose to use

• The restrictions that apply to your study.

• References

How to write the IGNOU MBA Project?

The following points that explain how to build an IGNOU MBA Project:

  1. Selecting the kind of project you want to create and an appropriate subject for your project is the first and most important step in the process of creating the IGNOIJ MBA project.
  2. Once you have decided on a subject, the next thing you need to concentrate on is keeping your report within the 18000-word limit. There is a leniency of 10 percent, plus or minus, from the IGNOIJ board.
  3. Maintain the same structure throughout the project. Be sure to include all of the essential areas in the report you are creating for the project, such as its significance, scope, statement, goals, hypothesis, research methods, limitations, and references.
  4. It is important to keep in mind that the research approach will change depending on the kind of topic you decide to pursue.
  5.  Ensure that your project has a compelling beginning and end by writing them yourself. Verify each and every one of the guidelines’ stipulations as well.

Supervision of Guide for IGNOU MBA Project

      The supervisor will:

  • familiarize you with local clubs and organisations that may be important to your career;
  • provide you with permission papers allowing you to conduct inquiries and investigations in various offices related to your job;
  • make the library at the study centre available to you for consultation reasons; and
  • He will, to the best of his ability, advise you on your topic, data location, and overall work strategy.

Being Attentive Before Submitting your IGNOU MBA Project

  • Keep a copy of the Proposal with you, since we will not be returning your copy.
  • Ensure your Proposal is backed by an approved letter from your supervisor.
  • Send your Proposal through Registered Mail exclusively, to ensure that it reaches us.
  • After you have given us the Proposal, do not modify the subject or even its phrasing. In other words, the subject of your Project Work should be identical to the subject of your Proposal.
  • On the first page, provide the name and code of the course from which you selected your Project, your enrollment number, the name of your Study Centre, and the Regional Centre. In other words, thoroughly complete the form provided in Annex A.
  • Do not await our permission before submitting the Project Proposal. The Supervisor’s approval is final. Now is the moment to start actively working on your Project.

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You can also download the sample project for the IGNOU MBA Project Synopsis Report (MMPP 1) by clicking on the link below.

Sample Project Download

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